The Gumbo Shack

The Gumbo Shack

Just like the dish (Gumbo), the show is an eclectic African American mix of rhythm & blues, jazz, contemporary jazz, pop, hip-hop, dance, and sometimes old time gospel & contemporary gospel. Tunes from the Motown era, & 50’s, 60’s 70’ and through on to now. With a little bit of something else thrown in the mix! You can catch a taste first thing Tuesday mornings from 7 o’clock till 10. And if you’re still hungry there’s more Gumbo, hot & spicy, from 2pm till 4pm.

On Sundays, the program is like…

8:45am – 9:00am “Going to Church Music”

4th & 5th Sunday “Going to the Nimbin Markets Music”

And, if we do get a 5th Sunday, then we get the “Featured Artist Segment”!